Are you looking for the best way to present your products? We provide quality, individual packaging with magnetic closures.

Most of our products are delivered in flat packaging, so your storage costs stay low. The boxes can be set up in just a few steps, making them simple and quick to use.

How you could use our magnetic boxes:

Do you have an online store with great products and an attractive design?

Your design should impress your customers when they receive their order as well. Our packaging with magnetic closures improves your brand recognition and identity. Customers receive their order as usual, and then on opening the package they discover a high-quality magnetic box. The box is decorated with your individual design and logo. Inside it are your products. Customers experience the combination of a great product and excellent design. Just like in your online shop. Your customers will be impressed.


The magnetic boxes can be reused, so your customers can use them as decorative storage boxes. For your customers, you and your online shop will be everywhere.




Do you make or want to sell high-quality products?

Whether for jewellery or wine bottles, with a foam insert in the magnetic box you can add value to your product and stand out from your competitors. The magnetic boxes can be stored flat and are very easy to set up. The foam insert means your products won't slip around inside the magnetic box and will always be perfectly presented. 



Do you sell gifts and are you looking for a supplier for suitable magnetic gift boxes?


We can supply you with customized gift boxes and magnetic gift boxes. Directly from the manufacturer. Whether for Easter or at Christmas, magnetic gift boxes are always an ideal product to have in your range to offer your customers an alternative to wrapping paper.


Giving is fun! And wrapping is so easy with a Magnet-Box.com gift box.


Do you want to offer your customers an additional gift wrapping service?

Whether in store or in the online shop. Lots of customers want their products packaged as a gift. With our magnetic gift boxes, you can easily offer your customers this additional service. You can easily and quickly place their products in a gift box. Thanks to the magnetic boxes, your sales and service will both improve.